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Great Rep To Work With

“Been working with PICS Telecom for years. Wonderful company and Bill McAuliffe is a great rep to work with!”

Stacy M.

Verizon Business

Always Helpful

“I think Bill McAuliffe is the best. Always helpful and has gotten me out of a lot of jams.”

Arthur G.


Goes Above and Beyond

“I work with Bill McAuliffe and a lot of times we are buying switches but often we have off the wall or weird equipment that we have to find and Bill often times goes above and beyond. He may not always be able to get us the best price, but we definitely come back for the Service and effort.”

Michael P.

Douglas Fast Net

Excellent Customer Service

“I have worked with PICS Telecom for years and it has been a wonderful experience. Every one is very supportive and provides excellent customer service. Bill McAuliffe always goes above and beyond to address our needs and locate (or in some cases, build) difficult-to-find equipment.”

Stacy D.

Verizon Business