Assorted Ciena 100G Cards available

November 18, 2019|Ciena, Posts | 1 Min Read

Assorted Ciena 100 G cards available Have a need for any Nortel equipment? Feel free to reach out. I have a list below of equipment that I have available, but […]

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Ciena NTK539UD Available

August 29, 2019|Ciena, Posts | 1 Min Read

We’re committed to delivering the highest quality new and used telecommunications and data equipment on the market today. Our Sales Professionals provide comprehensive inventory data by manufacturer part number and […]

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Ciena 134-5462-900 Available

August 27, 2019|Ciena, Posts | 1 Min Read

Your Trusted Partner for Telecom + Data Equipment. We are a Leading Global Distributor of Telecom + Data Equipment, Offering an Expansive Selection of New, Surplus + Refreshed Products. We’re […]

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Ciena NTK668AB available

July 8, 2019|Ciena, Posts | 1 Min Read

PICS Telecom has NTK668AB available. If you have any interest in this part or need any other telecom equipment please don’t hesitate to reach out. We have a wealth of […]

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Ciena 6500 Circuit Packs Available

July 3, 2019|Ciena, Posts | 1 Min Read

Designed to address today’s unpredictable traffic patterns by delivering new levels of capacity, flexibility, resiliency, and openness required for a more adaptive network, the Ciena 6500 enables a programmable infrastructure […]

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