Want to Buy: Taqua T7000


PICS Telecom is looking for the Taqua T7000® Intelligent Switching System. The T7000 is a wireline and wireless switching platform that provides economical access to an extensive array of IP and circuit-based, business and residential Class 5 features.

Part# Description for Sales COND Qty Manufacturer
806-0054-103 Taqua Broadband Interface Card Any 5+ TAQUA
806-0057-006 Taqua T1 Interface Card Any 5+ TAQUA
806-1000-R20 Taqua Packet Interface Card Any 5+ TAQUA
806-0048-002 Taqua DS3 Backplane Any 5+ TAQUA
806-0079-205 Taqua DS1 Backplane Any 5+ TAQUA
806-1000-R01 Taqua GEI Backplane Any 5+ TAQUA

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