Assorted Metaswitch Equipment available

The Metaswitch MG3510 offers state-of-the-art media processing capabilities in a carrier-class system with unparalleled scalability, flexibility and reliability. An architecture designed around IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) standards ensures a future-proof solution. We have many different parts available for this and other platforms, feel free to contact me for this or any telecom needs you may have.

Manufacturer Part Number Description Qty
Metaswitch SW4000 GIGABIT ETHERNET SW 13
Metaswitch SG1200 PSTN SIG ADPTR 20+
Metaswitch SP4100 SYS CPU 100+
Metaswitch PB4000 VOIP/ATM ADAPTER CD 15+
Metaswitch RPS4010 EPS RE TRNSN INTFC MOD 13
Metaswitch RPS4000 EPS RE TRNSN INTFC MOD 50+
Metaswitch RCK1000 Stratum 3 RTM 10+
Metaswitch PBS 3100 MF/ISUP TRNK FT CD 15
Metaswitch CH2510 2510 Power supply (325W DC Input) 3
Metaswitch SW2100 ETHRNT SW CD 10+
Metaswitch RPS3100 EPS RE TRNSN INTFC MOD 19
Metaswitch CPC7301-91178 2 Eth connections 5
Metaswitch PB4500 Universal Gateway Card 4

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