ADTRAN 1187800L1 DS1 Voice Gateway 32-Port Line Module (F/S) 3
ADTRAN 1187552G1 Gigabit Ethernet 8-Port LM (NOB) 1
ADTRAN 1187550G1 Gigabit Ethernet 4-Port LM (NOB) 2
ADTRAN 1187310L1 HDSL4 8-Port Line Module (NEW) 1
ADTRAN 1187300L1 T1 8-PORT Line Module (not in OG box) 1
ADTRAN 1187200L1 DS3 ATM 1-Port Line Module (NOB) 1
ADTRAN 1187125L1 Splitter VDSL2 32-Port AM (REF) 1
ADTRAN 1187122G1 VDSL2 32-Port EFM DMT Access Module (NOB) 5
ADTRAN 1187105L2 ADSL2+ 32-Port Splitter Module (NOB) 2
ADTRAN 1187105L1 Splitter ADSL2+ 32-Port Access Mod (3 NEW)(1 not in OG box, 1 no box) 5
ADTRAN 1187101E1 ADSL2+ 32-Port Access Module (REF) 5
ADTRAN 1187100L2 ADLS2+ 24-Port AM (NOB) 1
ADTRAN 1187025G2 Switch Module 2-10G/2-1G (1 NOB) (1 REF) 2
ADTRAN 1187020G2 Switch Module 2 GigE w/Ring Generator (NOB) 5
ADTRAN 1187010L1 System Controller Module (NOB) 1
ADTRAN 1187010G2 Second Gen. System Controller Module SCM G2 (2 NEW) (1 NOT OG BOX) 3
ADTRAN 1187440L1 Line Module IO Dual DS3 Bridged BNC Rear Panel (NOB) 1
ADTRAN 1187434F1 AMIO2 48-Port V2C (NOB) 2
ADTRAN 1187921E1 Blank (NOB) 2

The Total Access 5000 (ADTRAN 5000) Series of Multi-Service Access Nodes (MSAN) provides unmatched deployment flexibility while providing the widest range of next generation 10G FTTH and vectored DSL services on the market. ADTRAN 5000 is an ideal solution for revitalizing existing cabinet infrastructure to deploy higher-bandwidth, next-generation services easily and cost effectively.

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