CISCO ME3400 & ME3600

Cisco ME3400 & ME3600 FOR SALE

Cisco® ME 3400 Series Ethernet Access Switches are a series of next-generation Layer 2 and Layer 3 customer-located devices for service providers.

In addition to this, the Cisco ME 3600X Series extends MPLS into the access layer by allowing service providers to initiate MPLS-based Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN services from within the access layer. The Cisco ME 3600X Series gives service providers the ability to expand MPLS toward their network edge to gain the advantages of a single unified MPLS control plane across their network. The Cisco ME3600X offers full VPLS support allowing multipoint services definition. For additional flexibility, VPLS can be deployed as a full mesh or with a hierarchy (H-VPLS).

Cisco ME-3400G-12CS-D ME 3400 Series 12 combo + 4 SFP DC 12
Cisco ME-3400GE-12CS-M 12-Port Ethernet Access Switch + 4 SFPS 40
Cisco ME-3600X-24FS-M ME3600X Ethernet Access Switch 24 GE SFP + 2 10GE SFP+ with 10GE and MetroIP 4
Cisco ME-3400EG-2CS-A ME3400E 2Combo + 2 SFP 15
Cisco A9k-MOD80-SE *NOB* 80G Modular Linecard, Service Edge Optimized 1
Cisco A9K-RSP440-SE *NOB* ASR9K Route Switch PRoc w/ 440G slot Fabric and 12GB 1

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