Eltek Outdoor Cabinets 112v 148v 256v


** FOR SALE **


Eltek Outdoor Power Cabinets


We have access to several hundred brand new surplus Eltek Outdoor Cabinets. We have these in 112V, 148V, and 256V. These are available at exceptional prices. Let us know if you would like more information, pictures or details. We also have the technical drawings and the installation/service manual.


Outdoor Power Cabinet –  Includes Eltek Faltpack 2 -48DC power system with 5 2000w rectifiers  Part# 241115.105


Outdoor Battery Cabinet – Airconditioned with a 2000 btu air conditioner.  Contains 4 battery shelves which are removeable can be replaced easily with 19” or 23” rack rails. 


Please call for details!

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