PICS Certified Testing Capabilities


PICS Certified = exhaustively tested.

“PIC certified” signifies a standard of quality that meets or exceeds the original manufacturer’s standards. That’s why we back all of our pre-owned and used equipment with our advanced replacement warranty.

Our equipment is thoroughly tested by our Cisco Certified Telecom Engineers and Technicians in our state-of-the-art lab, using manufacturer-specified processes to ensure that it meets the rigorous standards necessary for PICS certification—and more importantly, your expectations.

We are proud to be an ISO 9001 and TL#9000 registered company. All PICS team members, from the top down, are committed to this program. Their dedication is instrumental in the resulting high level of customer satisfaction we have achieved. For us, the TL#9000 process and the PICS certified promise have become more than a way of doing business—they are a way of life.

Our five-step quality assurance and inventory control process

The rigorous five-step process we use to test and assure the quality of each and every piece of equipment sets us apart from other providers and gives you peace of mind:

1.        Audit and inspection. We inspect, identify, and inventory all equipment components, chassis, bays, and individual cards. Equipment is identified by manufacturer serial number, bar-coded, assigned an inventory control number in our Inventory Control Tracking System (POINTS), and stored in a static-free, climate-controlled storage facility.

2.        Configuration. Orders are custom-configured to meet client specifications and facilitate plug-and-play operation.

3.        Equipment test. Equipment is powered-on and booted-up to confirm revision levels and to reset factory default configurations. We then perform diagnostic testing of the integrated product, including optical level, protection switching, and functionality. A 24-, 48-, or 72-hours continuous traffic load stress test is performed on switching equipment to verify and meet OEM specifications.

4.        Quality certification. All custom configurations and tests are printed, recorded in our ERP system, and reviewed by our certified engineers and technicians prior to equipment being released to the shipping department.

5.        Quality packaging. After the equipment is given one final visual inspection, the order is packed in individual, anti-static, reinforced custom packing to prevent any shipping or handling damage.

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