Why You Should Never Buy New Racks


Next time you buy a 19” or 23’’ 2-post rack… remember that you are paying way too much! Possibly 5x or 10x as much.

Distributors like Graybar, Walker, KGP, Power & Tel will charge you around $1,000 total for a rack plus front guard rack assembly, 23’’ x 7’.

I cannot think of a bigger waste of budget money on an expansion project than paying $1000 for a hunk of metal.

Through secondary market deinstallations; companies can supply up to hundreds of 2-post racks, and the availability is immediate!  Just about any size, shape or color of rack units can be available at any given time.  Some of the most common racks are ADC & Telect. Through my personal experience with 2-post racks, I have found a lot of success in providing customers with the popular telco gray Telect rack (PN# 12346-21).

These 23″ or 19″ Seismic-rated unequal flange racks are commonly used on Tellabs 532 and Tellabs 5500 DACS Equipment.  Almost any vendor that you are sourcing refurbished telecom gear from should have these readily available. You should always make it a point to buy these in bulk to save on your shipping charges.  As a rule of thumb, usually 10 racks fit on a skid for shipment.  Based on these criteria you should expect to pay no more than $100-$300 per 2-post rack. Do the math; if you can save around $800 per rack the total savings on a bulk order will add up very fast.

And don’t forget about fuse panels! These are generally already installed on racks in the secondary market, and you can also save significantly versus buying them new.

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